Diane has over 30 years of dedicated service to the Long-Term Healthcare industry. Starting her nursing career from Charge Nurse to present position, she gained valuable experience in focusing on “how the job needs to be accomplished.”  Her experience is credited to active participation in Federal, State, and County demonstration projects and project management roles for the improvement of clinical practice, financial reimbursement, and quality outcome analytics. She prides herself on being a mentor, guiding others to become critical thinkers and process developers, with her goal of observing their successes. In 2016, she readily accepted the responsibility to develop a foundation for Emergency Preparedness (EP) and was designated responsibility for Arizona LeadingAge/Covenant Health Network Emergency Preparedness Collaborative. The EP Collaborative to date has more than 17 Life Planning communities and their members. Diane and the EP Collaborative members continue to learn, develop, respond, and execute exercises to be the best humble servants for those that they protect.